Why You?
We aren’t like the other guys, see what makes us different

What separates us from other franchises out there is our commitment to our clients, our family, and our community. Here is an overview of how we got started, what we are passionate about, and the ideal franchisee with The Shutter Professionals.

How We Got Started

In 2014, when we started to look for shutters for our home, we were shocked to discover how limited the options were. Only a few stores were available to see the shutters and others were selling them in the house or out of their vans. Not only were they limited, but there was no guarantee of quality or craftsmanship, and if you did purchase from them and something went wrong, you were out of luck. We saw an opportunity and a need for a professional, reliable full-service window fashion retail business and one that upped the credibility and accessibility of the industry.
We ran with it and haven’t looked back. We love that the business allows us to spend time with our family and gives us freedom in all areas of our lives.

What We Are Passionate About

What gets our juices running is a positive experience from start to finish.
It all comes down to providing our customers with a positive, no pressure sales approach, however, and whatever way they choose, in-store, in-home or online and then delivering on the quality of products we promised.
We also believe in investing where we live and work. A commitment to the community and giving back is one of the core values of The Shutter Professionals

The Benefits Of Being The Boss

Looking for more time freedom? One of the benefits of running your franchise is that you are the boss. You decide when and how often you will work, and you can schedule work commitments around family commitments. No more long commutes, missed school events or other things like working out or taking the dog for a walk that is challenging when you are working a typical 9-5. This is not to say that you don’t have to work to build a successful franchise but the freedom to choose when is a massive bonus in our ever-changing, technological world.

Our Ideal Franchisee

  • Family-focused
  • Driven to succeed
  • Team player
  • Energetic
  • Accountable
  • Charitable

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